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Jos Von Arx bracelets

Arx is an innovative new collection of men’s stainless steel, tungsten titanium and zirconium jewellery in combination with genuine leather designed and manufactured exclusively by Jos Von Arx.

Featuring old modern designs from our international team of designers and utilising a variety of textures, colours and styles to suit all tastes. Arx jewellery is precisely engineered from only the best quality materials. We use cutting edge techniques to achieve sharp diamond cuts, vibrant colours and the highest quality finishing.

All Arx bracelets feature our pioneering Arx system clasp (patent pending GB1307912.4) allowing them to be resized to fit small, medium and large wrists whilst fastening with a market leading magnetic catch.

All Arx bracelets include our unique Flexisize clip technology which has a patent pending (GB1307912.4).

The Flexisize clip allows every Arx bracelet to be resized to fit small, medium and large wrist sizes whilst using a strong market leading easy to fasten magnetic catch.

Simply loosen the screw, slide the magnet holder to new position and re-tighten the screw to resize the bracelet. Each bracelet includes a complimentary mini screwdriver.